Pak Mail Fort Wayne recognizes the importance of providing value coverage for the items you are shipping.  We offer Declared Value Coverage for items being sent through our services.  We have provided coverage for items valued as little as $1 and as much as $85,000.  Through the Pak Mail businesses we have access to a special coverage program giving us the ability to financially protect your items.  The carriers offer basic coverage with certain services.  The coverage we offer is for the additional value of your goods.

To ensure your coverage is valid, packaging requirements must be followed.  For example: a fragile item may require bubble and peanuts in a box and an added outside box with peanuts between the two boxes.  Packing less that what is required may void your coverage.

IF you need to file a CLAIM, be sure to        

  • save all the packing material
  • provide us with proof of value (e.g. receipts)
  • contact us as soon as possible
  • have us do the claims filing (do not initiate the claim with the carrier)

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