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If you are the BUYER:

Pak Mail is your Sending Center.  We can pick your item up from the auctioneer, professionally pack it, and get it shipped to your residence or business.  We frequently do packing and shipping estimates to assist with the purchasing decision.   



Pak Mail is your Sending Center.  We can provide the packing and shipping estimates to you or we can work directly with your buyer.  We commonly work with auctioneers where we become an extension to their business by providing advice and estimates to their buyers.  Bottom line, the objective is to complete the sale for a satisfied buyer.


Buyers and sellers trust Pak Mail at The Sending Center to carefully pack and ship priceless, sentimental, one-of-a-kind, and everyday items by air, ground, and ocean. We have handled small, large, fragile, complex, awkward, and just about anything you can imagine.  


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