Getting rid of stuff or gifting that special china hutch can be satisfying and stressful.  Pak Mail has the knowledge and resources to make it easier for you.  Tell us what you what shipped where and we will give you an estimate of what it will cost, and when you tell us to go ahead we take care of everything else. 


Since 1998, Pak Mail Fort Wayne has handled a variety of “specialty” shipments.  Specialty shipments we have given personal care to over the years include hutches, end tables, beds, pianos, cars, machinery, statues, chairs, oversized decorations . . . you name it!


The best thing we provide is a conversation to ensure a full understanding of your needs and matching them to our capabilities.  We realize this may be a big financial and/or emotional investment and our conversations are intended to understand your status and assist with the “get it there safely” requirement. 


Matching the packaging and shipping processes to the individual items is an important part of what Pak Mail at The Sending Center does.  We describe to you the type of packaging we will do for each of your items.  We also describe the shipment method to be used.  The shipping methods range from wrapping the item in a furniture pad (referred to as “blanket wrap”) to stacking boxed on a skid.  There are a lot of variances as to the way to ship. 


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