We have shipped many pieces of furniture.  Everything from coffee and end tables to couches recliners, and china hutches.  As packing and shipping experts we review each piece to determine the best way for packing and shipping.

We ship furniture that’s boxed or unboxed, we ship furniture that’s brand new, and we ship furniture that’s been in the family for generations. We ship antiques, items sold on eBay, you name it – if you need to ship furniture, call Pak Mail Fort Wayne.

Pak Mail is ideal for those who need to send just one or two pieces of furniture; too small for a moving company to handle but just right for Pak Mail. Our personal approach means that we clearly explain your shipping options to give you the best value for your situation.

We can get furniture from here to there overnight or slower and more economical options depending on what you need so you get the best service.

Blanket Wrap Service: A van line carrier picks up your item(s), wraps them with furniture pads, secures it in their van, delivers it to the requested destination, removes the padding, and puts it in place at the destination.

  1. Door to door inside pick-up and delivery,
  2. Less packaging required,
  3. Small number of transfers and more gentle transport,
  4. 4-8 week delivery options.

Freight Carrier: We pick the items up and bring them to our facility (occasionally we will pack on site), package them for shipment (wrap, box, cushioning), place them on a skid to keep them together and ease handling with a fork lift, with delivery completed when the skid is removed from the trailer.  Delivery inside, if needed, is a direct added expense.

  1. Timely removal of items for shipment,
  2. Packaging protects from damage,
  3. Items kept together on skid(s),
  4. Shipments routed through terminals where skids are moved with fork trucks from one trailer to another,
  5. 1 week delivery continental U.S.

Air Freight: Similar process as Freight Carrier except the shipment takes less time in transit.

  1. Typically the fastest of all the freight services,
  2. Packaging may be skidded or not skidded,
  3. Best for shipments that are:
    • Time-critical
    • Especially valuable
    • Especially fragile

Choosing the appropriate shipping option is help greatly with an open conversation with your Pak Mail Fort Wayne professional.  Understanding your needs and aligning that with costs and packing needs they will advise you on the best options.



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